27000 FOR THE WINNER 11000 FOR THE FINALIST 6000 FOR THE SEMI-FINALIST *2 Tournament will start Monday 4 January at 10 PM UTC

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There are currently 87 fighters registered for this tournament

The Ethereum Block Hash used for random seeds for this tournament is 0000000000000001931763cc2e1c316634ab472c55cc70d07d89406ab7b158e0

Owner Fighter Name Class Weapon
Rixhi Souto / @Richisouto Good Gaur Pirate Axe
Giancarlo / @giancarlocrypto Gorgeous Guanaco Pirate Saber
Enmanuel / @ECasals90 Handsome Hedgehog Orc Sword & Shield
ChainTooL / @BananaPantsMcGraw Handsome Hyena Knight Orcblade
Daniel Justo / @DanielJusto Helpful Hamster Dwarf Daggers
Dad / @Jelly_Bein Lazy Lemur Barbarian Spear
Edson / @edsonjt Lively Leopard Knight 2-Handed Sword
soleira / @soleira Long Louse Knight Daggers
May Ann Lozada / @anne_lucky01 Mysterious Mouse Thief 2-Handed Axe
Kyke / @Tetty31 Outrageous Oryx Elf 2-Handed Sword
Nuno / @traderNuNo Outrageous Oyster Warrior Spear
Marcelyn Magnaye / @Charlotte1990 Panicky Platypus Dwarf Orcblade
CF / @CF_user Plain Panda Dwarf Spear
LUPRINI / @@luprini Poised Panther Dwarf Orcblade
VikingRoar / @VikingRoar Poised Puma Knight Daggers