27000 FOR THE WINNER 11000 FOR THE FINALIST 6000 FOR THE SEMI-FINALIST *2 Tournament will start Monday 4 January at 10 PM UTC

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There are currently 88 fighters registered for this tournament

The Ethereum Block Hash used for random seeds for this tournament is 0000000000000001931763cc2e1c316634ab472c55cc70d07d89406ab7b158e0

Owner Fighter Name Class Weapon
Alejandro / @SmilaX96 Drab Duck Elf Spear
A_roch / @A_roch Eager Echidna Barbarian Sword & Shield
Pars1453 / @Pars1453 Encouraging Echidna Thief Mace
𝕬𝖓𝖔𝖓𝖞𝖒𝖔𝖚𝖘 / @MCEIA Enthusiastic Eagle Pirate Daggers
keyboard 😍 / @@matT325 Evil Eagle Knight Sword & Shield
Fernando Da Silva / @Fernike Exuberant Eland Thief Saber
Skyler4722 / @skyler4722 Famous Ferret Dwarf Saber
Luís Campos / @CriptoElfo Fantastic Ferret Dwarf Sword & Shield
Justin Smith / @Matrixcardinals Fantastic Fish Pirate Sword & Shield
AyushB / @ayushb712 Fantastic Fly Orc Axe
Fabio / @Xutber Filthy Fly Gladiator Spear
XyRus111403 / @GingerTheEarner Frail Fish Dwarf Sword & Shield
Fares / @Pimousse94 Frantic Fish Knight Saber
Julie / @@Nhene099 Friendly Finch Thief Orcblade
oli / @Oil Jam Friendly Fish Thief Sword & Shield