Parena FAQ

What is Parena?

Parena is the Parachute Arena. An arena battle game created for the enjoyment of the Parachute Token community.

Who made Parena?

I did! I'm Shawn, nice to meet you.
If you need to talk to me you can contact me at or @TheShobo on Telegram.

Did you also make this wonderful, wonderful art?

Nope. I can't even draw stickmen.

The avatars for the fighters was created by the very talented Ricardo Martinez. He's awesome.
The doodles for the landing page, error page, etc were created by Clinton from the Parachute community. He's also awesome.

What are the requiements for winning?

Firstly you need to win a fight. Easier said than done, eh?
Afterwards you need to contact @TheShobo or @CaptainParachute on Telegram and we'll get you your prize!
Yey for prizes.🎉🎉

How do the fight mechanics work?

Each fighter has 4 important stats. Initiative (IN), Attack (AT), Parry (PA) and Lifepoints (LP).

  • INITIATIVE determines the first attack of a battle. The higher value wins and gets the first attack. If the values of both fighters are equal a die will be rolled to determine who gets the first attack. For every 3 points of difference the fighter with the higher IN will also get +1 AT.
  • ATTACK is needed to perform a successful hit. For every attack a D20 (20-sided die) is rolled. To successfully hit the attack roll must be equal to or less than the attacker's AT rating.
    AT can not exceed 17.
  • PARRY works similarly to attack and is rolled by the defender whenever an attacker makes a successful hit. In order to parry a D20 is rolled if the roll is equal to or less than the defender's PA rating the attack will be parried and do no damage. If the parry is unsuccessful the defender will take 1LP of damage.
    PA can not exceed 15.
  • LIFEPOINTS determine how many hits a fighter can take. When LP reaches 0 the fighter is dead and loses.

What are the different classes?

There are 10 different classes, each with their own stats.

  • Gladiator IN: 9 AT: 10 PA: 8 LP: 3
  • Warrior IN: 9 AT: 8 PA: 10 LP: 3
  • Knight IN: 9 AT: 7 PA: 11 LP: 3
  • Barbarian IN: 7 AT: 12 PA: 7 LP: 3
  • Dwarf IN: 7 AT: 8 PA: 11 LP: 3
  • Elf IN: 11 AT: 9 PA: 8 LP: 3
  • Orc IN: 7 AT: 10 PA: 9 LP: 3
  • Thief IN: 11 AT: 8 PA: 9 LP: 3
  • Pirate IN: 9 AT: 9 PA: 9 LP: 3
  • Mercenary IN: 9 AT: 11 PA: 7 LP: 3

What are the different weapons?

There are 10 different weapons, each with their own modifiers.

  • Spear IN: +5
  • Sword & Shield IN: -2 PA: +2
  • Mace IN: -1 AT: +2
  • 2-Handed Sword IN: +2 AT: +2 PA: -1
  • Axe IN: -1 AT: +1 PA: -2
  • Bow IN: +5 AT: +2 PA: -2
  • 2-Handed Axe IN: +2 AT: +3 PA: -2
  • Saber IN: +2 PA: +1
  • Orcblade IN: -4 AT: +3
  • Daggers IN: -3 AT: -1 PA: +2
    Special: Counterattack If an attacker misses his attack roll against a defender wielding Daggers after the defender's next attack he gets a bonus second attack next round at AT/2 (rounded up). If the defender parried the first attack he cannot parry the second counterattack hit.

How is this provably fair?

Parena is provably fair as it uses a publicly available JS seedable random number generator.
All random actions are then seeded using the following predictable method:

  • When a tournament is first created, it pulls the most recent block hash from the Ethereum chain.
  • When a fighter is generated, it uses the most recent block hash from the Ethereum chain with the index of the fighter for that tournament. (First fighter is 1, second is 2, etc.)
    The first characters are trimmed off to keep it at 64 characters.
  • The bracket ordering is all fighters entered sorted by their seeds with any BYEs filling out the end of the list. The list is then paired off first/last. So if there were 18 entrants the first pairing would be #1 and #18, the second #2 and #17, and so on.
  • Every round's fights are seeded by a combination of hashes as follows:
    • The last 16 characters of the most recent Ethereum block hash
    • The last 16 characters of the tournament's hash
    • The last 16 characters of the first fighter's hash
    • The last 16 characters of the second fighter's hash
    This creates a new hash of 64 characters used as the seed for the random rolls in the fight.

I have a question that's not answered here

That is not a question.
You can reach out to Shawn on the Parachute Telegram and he can help you out.