Murder death kill

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There are currently 8 fighters registered for this tournament

The Ethereum Block Hash used for random seeds for this tournament is 000000000000000863be95f5e5b2c312d651774da94e1c805628b6131af44401

Owner Fighter Name Class Weapon
Luís Campos / @CriptoElfo Embarrassed Earthworm Gladiator 2-Handed Sword
Shawn / @theshobo Embarrassed Elephant Thief Sword & Shield
juan / @@cryptotelegram Grumpy Gerenuk Knight Mace
Captain Parachute / @captainparachute Helpless Hornet Gladiator Spear
CaptainTommy / @CaptainTommy Nasty Narwhal Gladiator Mace
Tro@s / @AchilleasG Nice Nightingale Elf Axe
CF / @CF_user Troubled Tiger Barbarian 2-Handed Axe
conradobagatim / @bagatim15 Wandering Wildebeest Pirate Saber